Welcome To Galeon's Port!

Welcome To Arnel A. Borja's (Galeon) website. View and download my projects here!


FbEdit/RadASM/MasmEd Addins

Project Publisher - Create installers for your FbEdit projects easily

CrossIDE - Use addins compatible with FbEdit, RadASM and MasmEd with a single binary

FbEHelp - Enjoy advance help lookup and use help file formats other than WinHelp and HTML Help with this help addin for FbEdit


Glade to FreeBASIC Generator - Generate FreeBASIC sources from Glade files

GTK+ 2.20 Headers for FreeBASIC - Enjoy the latest features of GTK+ in FreeBASIC with these new headers


Galeon's NSIS Editor - Edit and create NSIS installers with this editor

Mu6 MP3 Player - Play your MP3 files with this small and fast MP3 player

Linux Software Repositories


Fedora - RPM Repository for Fedora 13 & 14

Puppy Linux - PET Packages for Puppy Linux 5.1.1

Slax - LZM Modules for Slax 6.1.2