Project Publisher - FbEdit/RadASM/MasmEd/CrossIDE Addin

With the Project Publisher addin, you could create installers for your addins easily. With the power of NSIS, you could create small and powerful installers.

Project Publisher have support for MUI2, MultiUser and other NSIS plugins.

The addin comes with common licenses such as GPL (versions 2 & 3), LGPL (versions 2 & 3) and BSD so you only need to select one of these to show them in the installer.


Version 0.4

FbEdit Binaries - Installer

FbEdit Binaries - Zip File

RadASM 2.x Binaries - Zip File

RadASM 3.x Binaries - Zip File

MasmEd Binaries - Zip File

Sources - 7-Zip File

Version 0.3

FbEdit Binaries - 7-Zip File

Sources - 7-Zip File

Version 0.2

Sources and Binaries - 7-Zip File

Version 0.1

FbEdit Binaries - Zip File

Sources - Zip File