Fedora RPM Packages For FreeBASIC Programmers

I created Fedora RPM Packages packages for FreeBASIC, FreeBASIC Manual and FBHelp. FreeBASIC is available only in prefix version, FreeBASIC Manual is available in HTML and FBHelp formats, and FBHelp is available in CLI and GUI builds.

FBHelp depends on the copy of the manual in DAZ format; if you prefer FBHelp than your web browser as your help viewer, you don't need the FreeBASIC Manual, and vice-versa.

Source packages of the packages are also available in the repository.

Only Fedora 13 and 14 is available!

These packages are signed using GPG.

How To Use

You need to add the repositories to yum to access packages in the repositories.

Open a terminal, switch to root using su, then run the following: "wget -P /etc/yum.repos.d/ http://wargaleon.users.sourceforge.net/repositories/fedora/freebasic.repo".

That would download the repo file and copy it to "/etc/yum.repos.d/".

The first time you install a package from the repository, you will be asked to accept its GPG key. Accept to be able to install packages.

Note that headers for libraries are not installed by default with "fbc" or "freebasic" package. Install the needed "freebasic-*-devel" package, or check "freebasic-headers-extra" if its in the list of libraries not available in Fedora's repositories. Browse the repositories below for more information.

Tested for use in Fedora 13 and Fedora 14 (chroot), though they are not well tested, since I use Ubuntu as my operating system. Dependencies for each headers may not be enough, they are currently not tested.


Mirrors are currently unavailable. If you want to create a mirror, post at my thread in FreeBASIC Forums, Linux Subforum.


Fedora 13

FreeBASIC for Fedora 13 x86

FreeBASIC Debug for Fedora 13 x86

FreeBASIC Source for Fedora 13 x86

Fedora 14

FreeBASIC for Fedora 14 x86

FreeBASIC Debug for Fedora 14 x86

FreeBASIC Source for Fedora 14 x86